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New Car Carriers 2019 Freightliner M-2 Chevron LCG 12 SP 9K

New Car Carriers
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Hiram Burke
M-2 Chevron LCG 12 SP 9K
260 Cummins
Allison Automatic
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2019 FRHT M2 Reg Cab Cummins 6.7L, 260HP, 660lbs-ft, Allison RDS-2200 6 Speed Auto, Exhaust Brake, Air Suspension w/ Dump, Air Brake package, Chrome Bumper, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Cruise Control, Air Ride Driver Seat, Two man Bench Pass Seat, Bench, AM/FM/CD/MP3, Visor, Dual 26" Hadley Air Horns. idle up, Cruise Control. FRTR Factory Switches. Power, Heated Mirrors. Tilt wheel. 19,000lb Air Ride rear suspension with Dump. 255/70R22.5 Tires w/ 22.5 Alum Wheels, 25,500 GVWR.

* Cummins PPI 5 year 300K Extended Engine Warranty & After Treatment, Allison 7 year unlimited Mile Transmission warranty. 

  Chevron Series 12 Steel LCG (Low Center Of Gravity) 21.6'  Carrier, 3/16 safety plate floor, 102” wide body, floor level roll formed sides with stake pockets, 2 front and four rear chain locks, 8,000 lb low mount winch, 4,000 lb. wheel lift rating at full extension, dual illuminated controls, 11 Chain locks, cable roller guide, spring cable tensioner, winch free wheel extension, black body paint, L.E.D. Body lights,  lighting, back-up alarm, 2 front safety chains, mechanical anti-tilt, 12,000 lb deck load rating. 11 Key slots 3 each side. 5 on rear tail-board.Anti-theft "L" Arm Brackets- Tailboard. Aluminum Control housing. Colored Control handles. Body Serial # 205L12S04195HE18

3/16” Deck Plate (10-20, Steel)

Conventional Wheel-Lift (10-16)

Slide In Steel Tube L-Arms (10-16)

Standard Approach Plate (Steel)

Standard Bed (Steel)

0- Lights on Pylon

102" Wide (12-40, Steel)

20.5’ (10-16)

5-Light Configuration (10/12 Series)

9,000 Lb. Planetary (Required on 20-1/2’ LCG, 10-16)

9-Spool Capable (for SidePuller)

Air Free Spool, Driver & Passenger Side - Deck Winch(10-16)

Deck Centered - 11 Chain Lock Package (10-16, Steel)

Floor Level Roll Formed with Removable Aluminum Blade Rail (Steel)

Marker Lights - 2.5" Round



Hot Shift PTO (Allision or Aisin - 6 Bolt)

48” Steel Tool Box w/SS Door



ACC: Air Hose, 50': (F)7092RMA-600; (W)69711; (G)RR30806

ACC: Air Inflate Kit: (F)68272; (W)68271; (G)61387

ACC: Broom & Handle (F)OSB77003+81251; (W)00526CRNM; (G)AME63-15/16X60 + WEI40-25238

ACC: Digging Bar for Washington Trucks

ACC: Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb.: (F)466425; (W)B500T; (G)USA10-22

ACC: First Aid Kit: (F)ACE6060; (W)50503L; (G)20229

ACC: Jack, 2.5-Ton, Aluminum/Steel, Torin

ACC: Lockout Kit, One-Hand Jack Kit

ACC: Lug Wrenchs, 14" Metric/20" Standard

ACC: Shovel (F)AMES1572700; (W)Shovel; (G)Ame73-1564500

ACC: Trash Can, 4-Gallon, Steel

ACC: Triangle Kit

B/M: Bungee Strap, Single

B/M: Switch Panel Bracket, BR995, Freightliner

B/M: Toolbox Brackets, LH/RH, with Air Fittings and E-Brake Cable Hole

B/M: Trash Can Ring, 4-Gallon, Aluminum, for Carrier

BOD: DEF Tank Cover, Stainless Steel, for 2016-Current Freightliner

BOD: Mudflaps, 24" x 24", Pair LCG application

BOD: Steps, Stainless Steel, Freightliner, Driver-Side (Upper 26.5"/Lower 32.5")

BOD: Steps, Stainless Steel, Freightliner, Passenger-Side (Upper 30.5"/Lower 36.5")

FSP: GoLight Directional Spotlight, Wireless Remote Control, LED, Permanent Mount

HYD: Wireless Controls - 1-Function (FSW Group Proprietary System)

HYD: Wireless Controls - Add 1 Function (FSW Group Proprietary System)

LB: Legion, 12-Head, Red, 60"

LIT: Control Panel, 9-Button with TA Option, Brooking (F) FSW-995 KIT; (W)BR995; (G) GWTE-995 KIT

LIT: Electrical Package, All except Hino & International - Main Harnesses + ATC Fuse Blocks

LIT: ICC Lights, Three, 3/4", Red, Round for DOT Light on Pylon

LIT: Junction Box, 10-Pole

LIT: Marker Lights Flash Option Body


LIT: Strip Lights, 36", White, LED, in Carrier Toolboxes, Pair

LIT: Strobes, Amber Grille Lights, ST-6 Super-Thin, Pair, Chrome Bezels, Backing Plates, Wire Harness

LIT: Strobes, Amber, M53, Clear-Lens, LED, Pair, Mounted on top of Midship Turn Signal Boxes, Wire Harness

LIT: Strobes, Amber, M53, Clear-Lens, LED, Pair, for Tailboard Sides, Wire Harness

LIT: Strobes, Red Grille Lights, ST-6 Super-Thin, Pair, Chrome Bezels, Backing Plates, Wire Harness

LIT: Tow Light Bag with LED Tow Lights and Magnet Boots

LIT: Tow Light, Wireless, TowMate, Limelight 22", LED - Warranty issues customer contacts TowMate directly.

LIT: Worklights, 4" Round, LED HD, Pair, Mounted at Winch, 1200 Lumens

LIT: Worklights, Rectangular, LED HD, Pair, for Lower Worklight (Required on LCG)

LIT: Worklights, Square, 6-LED, 1900 Lumens, Black Housing, Pair

SH: Air Coupler Plumbed to Toolbox Arm, Passenger Side

SH: Shop Supplies

SP: Pylon, Lightbar, 60", SP9000

SP: SidePuller 9000

TOW: 8-Point Tiedown, Chain/Chain

TOW: Bridle, Chain, Cluster Hook Assemblies

TOW: Chain, Recovery, 10', 5/16", Grade 80, Cradle Grab Hooks, Tagged & Certified, Single

TOW: Chains, 10', 15" J-Hooks, Grade 70, Pair

TOW: Dollies, Collins, 4:80 Tires, Aluminum Wheels, Aluminum Crossrails, Complete Set

TOW: Skate, Carrier, Single

TOW: Snatch Block, 4-Ton

TOW: Strap Kit with Bag, Motorcycle, Carrier, Canyon Dancer

TOW: Straps, Lasso, D-Ring, Pair

TOW: Tiedown, Cluster, with Chain Ratchet

TOW: Tiedowns, Dollie, Ratchets and Straps, Pair

TOW: Trailer Ball Kit, Convert-A Ball

TOW: Winch Cable, 3/8", 100', Steel Core, Self-Locking Hook

TOW: Winch Cable, 3/8", 50', Steel Core, Self-Locking Hook

WH: Hub Covers, Front, Stainless Steel, Pair

WH: Hub Covers, Rear, 10-Lug with 8.25" Axle, Pair





Truck to be built and delivered at Fleet Sales West in Woodburn, OR. Includes a 10-day trip permit from the State of Oregon. Purchaser is responsible for tax and licensing in Washington State. Trades subject to re-evaluation at time of delivery of trade to Fleet Sales West.



Full tank of fuel at delivery

3 pair M53 in RED

2x ITD1064 Drop Down Dolly Bunks

9x Torpedo style LED cab lights, chrome housing, plastic lens, amber

4x Brooking ST6 dual color red/amber for front and rear mirror brackets

4x 3/4” screw pin shackles for SP unit (no paint)

2x QuickFist tool holders for shovel, digger bar

2x small lynch clips for crossrail W-bracket

SP Mount GoLight Bracket



Swap existing cab marker lights and space 9x torpedo style.

Wire ST6 dual color RED/AMBER to front & rear each mirror bracket.

Alternate ST6RED& ST6AMBER in grille

Strobe rear STT

RED M53 for front fenders

SP works lights need to easily repositioned in the field

GoLight needs to be on a switched power

Use existing 4 upfitter switches: L to R: PTO, All Warning, Upper Work, Lower Work

Separate R/L SP alley lights if enough switch spacing.

QuickFist shovel over passenger toolbox, digger over driver toolbox.

Broom has been getting in way of bed operation...Consider bracket/mount to the underside of the deck?

Mount fire extinguisher in passenger side box

Air outlet passenger side controls & front bumper

Mount dolly crossrails above winch with W-Bracket, hinge toward rear, 2 lynch clips.

Locate ITD Drop Down Dolly boxes rear of 48” toolboxes.

Fabricate steel mesh storage box with solid steel face (to hide content), mount on top of drop down bunks and match height to toolboxes.

Wireless deck winch and wireless SP winch

Manual SP winch release



SP9K Gloss Black

SP9K Feet (only) - Yellow


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