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New Car Carriers 2016 Kenworth 370 Chevon Series LCG 20

New Car Carriers
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370 Chevon Series LCG 20
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2016 Kenworth 370 PX9 350HP 1,000lb Torque. Allison RDS-3000 6 Speed Automatic. Air Brake package. Exhaust brake. 23K Rear Air suspension with Dump valve. 75-gallon Aluminum fuel tank. Air driver seat, two-man passenger seat. Blk Vinyl. Idle up, Cruise control. Tilt -Telescoping. AM/FM CD player Bluetooth. Chrome bumper. Aluminum wheels. Power Windows, power locks. Power Mirrors.275/70R 22.5 Tires. 22.5 Aluminum wheels. 12k front Axle. 12K front Suspension. 21K Rear axle ( locking Diff ) 4.56 Rear Axle Ratio. Engine block heater. Bug Screen, Idle up, Cruise Control. Air Pressure Gauge. Under dash console. Grab Handles on Cab. Stainless Steel Visor. Dua 23" Air Horns Air Dryer. 33,000GVWR 

Chevron  (Used)  26' Steel Series 20 LCG w/ 3/16 Deck Plate Floor, 3x3 Corten Tube Crossmembers on 8" Centers, Floor Level Sides w/ Stake Pockets, Rear Approach Plate Chain Locks, (2) Front Chain Locks, 12,000lb Planetary Winch w/ 7/16" x 50' Cable, Air Free Spool Winch w/ Roller Guide, Dual Controls, FMVS 108 Lamp Group Shock Mounted Lighting, Direct Mount Pump, Cable Tensioner, (2) Front Safety Chains, Black Body Paint, 102" Wide Body, LED Lights, Full-Length Subframe, Dual Ligt Cylinders, Dual Extension Cylinder, Bed Anti-Tilt Feature, Positive Lock Down System, Back Up Alarm, Combination Wheel Lift Stabilizer 4,000lb for Single Rear Axle, 6,000lb for Tandem Rear Axle. Body# 20183740

New Hindge plate, 7 way thru body, body repainted. Unit had less then 35K of mileage prior to remount, 


15,000 Lb. Planetary (LCG 20, & Conventional 20 Chevron) New end cap 

3/16” Deck Plate (10-20, Steel)

102" Wide (12-40, Steel)

6-Spool Capable 

8-Light Configuration (Ind)

Air Remote Control - 1 Function (Req. Air on Chassis)

Ind. Air Shift Free Spool, Driver & Passenger Side

Ind. Bed Mtd. Cab Protector- New 

Ind. Floor Level Sides with Punched Stake Pockets

Ind. Hyd Wheel Lift Stabilizer Combo 4,000 LB (20)

Industrial - 26’

Marker Lights - 2.5" Round

Steel Tube Drop-in L-Arms (4000 Lb., 10-20)




Hot Shift PTO (Allision or Aisin - 6 Bolt)




20 - 40 Industrial Carrier

Fire Extinguisher

Front Mudflaps or Quarter Fenders (CC)

General Chassis Modification

Hot Shift PTO - LD, CC, HD

In-Dash Switch Panel

Jump Start Kit

Light Bar (LD/CC)

Misc. Labor

Scale System (Carriers)

Toolbox (each, CC)

Work Lights (Pair)




ACC: Air Hose, 50': (F)7092RMA-600; (W)69711; (G)RR30806

ACC: Air Inflate Kit: (F)68272; (W)68271; (G)61387

ACC: Boltcutters, 24"

ACC: Broom & Handle (F)OSB77003+81251; (W)00526CRNM; (G)AME63-15/16X60 + WEI40-25238

ACC: Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb.: (F)466425; (W)B500T; (G)USA10-22

ACC: First Aid Kit: (F)ACE6060; (W)50503L; (G)20229

ACC: Fuel Can, Diesel, 5-Gallon, Yellow

ACC: Fuel Can, Gas, 5-Gallon, Red

ACC: Jack, 2.5-Ton, Aluminum/Steel, Torin

ACC: Lockout Kit, Basic

ACC: Lug Wrenchs, 14" Metric/20" Standard

ACC: Pry Bar, 60"/51" (F)AMES1160100; (W)50020; (G)PPB-51

ACC: Shovel (F)AMES1572700; (W)Shovel; (G)Ame73-1564500

ACC: Splitting Maul (F)AMES1113115200; (W)Maul Axe; (G)TJ-8H

ACC: Trash Can, 4-Gallon, Steel

ACC: Triangle Kit

B/M: Circuit Breaker Bracket

B/M: Fuel Can Rack, 2-Can, Aluminum, behind Streamliner Toolbox

B/M: Jumpstart/Air Coupler Bracket, Universal

B/M: Lightbar Mounts, Round Stainless Steel, Pair - Designed to reduce wind noise

B/M: Toolbox Brackets, LH/RH, with Air Fittings and E-Brake Cable Hole

BOD: Midship Turn Signal Boxes, Aluminum, Pair

BOD: Mudflaps, WCTE, 24" x 24", Pair

BOD: Quarter-Fender Kit

HD: Air Bag Scale System, Digital, In-Cab

HYD: Ball Valve (Shut off for Hydraulic Tank) 1-1/4" or 1"

LIT: Breaker, 80-Amp, add 1 for each Jumpstart connection

LIT: Control Panel, 9-Button with TA Option, Brooking (F) FSW-995 KIT; (W)BR995; (G) GWTE-995 KIT

LIT: Grommet, Oval, 6", Rubber

LIT: ICC Light Bar, Red, Clear-Lens, LED

LIT: Jumpstart, Associated Cables, 500-Amp, 30'

LIT: Jumpstart, Associated Flush-Mount, Front - No Cables (Add Cables Separately)

LIT: Junction Box, 10-Pole

LIT: Marker Lights, Clear-Lens, for Body Option


LIT: Park/Turn, Amber, 6", Midship, Oval, LED

LIT: Pigtail, 3-Prong

LIT: Strip Lights, 36", White, LED, in Carrier Toolboxes, Pair

LIT: Strobes, Amber Grille Lights, ST-6 Super-Thin, Pair, Chrome Bezels, Backing Plates, Wire Harness

LIT: Strobes, Amber, Vertex, with Chrome Bezels, Pair

LIT: Tow Light Bag with LED Tow Lights and Magnet Boots

LIT: Worklights, 4" Round, LED HD, Pair, Mounted at Winch, 1200 Lumens

LIT: Worklights, Rectangular, LED HD, Pair, for Lower Worklight (Required on LCG)

SH: Air Coupler Plumbed to Toolbox Arm, Passenger Side

SH: Air Coupler, Front (F) 27808; (W) Auto Coupler; (G) 68237

SH: Shop Supplies

TB: PolyFloor, Blue, 50 Squares

TB: PolyFloor, Installation

TB: Toolbox, Aluminum, 80", Driver-Side, SS Double-Door, Integrated Top Tray, Equipment Brackets

TB: Toolbox, Aluminum, 80", Passenger-Side, SS Double-Door, Integrated Top Tray, Equipment Brackets

TOW: Chains, 10', 15" J-Hooks, Grade 70, Pair

TOW: Flare Case (Case Only)

TOW: Flares, 6 (F)0730(x6); (W)7703605(x6); (G)100783(x6)

TOW: Lumber, 4" x 4"s, 48" & 60"

TOW: Snatch Block, 4-Ton

TOW: Strap Kit, Motorcycle, Carrier, Canyon Dancer

TOW: Strap, Steering Wheel

TOW: Tiedown, Cluster, with Chain Ratchet

TOW: Trailer Ball Kit, Convert-A-Ball

WH: Hub Covers, Front, Stainless Steel, Pair

WH: Hub Covers, Rear, 10-Lug with 8.25" Axle, Pair

WH: Lug Nut Cover, 33 mm Front, SS, 2-9/16"

WH: Lug Nut Cover, 33 mm Rear, SS, 2-1/16"



LPX61D-00005 Federal Discrete Light Bar 12 Head



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