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New Car Carriers 2018 Kenworth 370 Chevron LCG 12 SP9K

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370 Chevron LCG 12 SP9K
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2018 Kenworth T-370  - Special OrderPACCAR PX-9 350, Oil Cooler, Aluminum Flywheel Housing.Engine Protection Shutdown,1150.Max PTO Speed. Air compressor: Cummins 18.7 CFM  Fan Hub: Horton 2-Speed for ISL9.Block heater, PACCAR 1750 watt 120V. Retarder Jacobs for PX-9 ISL w/ 57, 3-way switch.. Replaces the standard turbo brake for PX-8 engines.Alternator: PACCAR 160 amp, brush type. Batteries: 2 PACCAR GP31 threaded post (700-730)Battery disconnect switches 2, mounted in cab. Body Builder Control Harness coiled EOF for 2.Transmission: Allison 3000RDS 6-speed. Driveline: 4 SPL170XL 3 center bearing. Three bolted center bearingcrossmembers. Park Brake Auto Neutral Rear transmission support springs for transmission PTO applications are required to ensure that engine flywheel, housings are not overloaded when transmission PTO’s are installed. Dana Spicer D-1301IL Front Axle rated 13K. Bendix 14.6K Air Disc Brake. Front Springs: Taperleaf 12K w/ shock absorber.  Single power steering gear: 13.2K for air brakes. Single Dana Spicer S21-170 single reduction rear axle. Single rear axle rated at 21K.Rear Axle Ratio - 4.56. Single 23K Bendix Air Disc Brake package include. Bendix 4S/4M anti-lock brake system. Wheel Differential Lock for Dana Spicer Axles. Rear suspension: single Hendrickson HAS230 23K. Welded cross member and gussets w/shocks at 8.8 in. height. for use with air disc brakes only. Includes air, suspension dump valve. Bolted rear suspension cross members for HAS 4.  Michelin X Line Energy Z 275/80R22.5 16PR, Rear tires: Michelin XDN2 275/80R22.5 14PR. Front Wheel: Alcoa 88367 22.5x8.25 aluminum with Air disc brake compatible. Rear Wheel: Alcoa 88367 22.5x8.25 aluminum with Rear Wheel/Rim Quantity: 4. Frame Rails: 10-3/4 x 3-1/2 x 3/8in. Steel 337in. 511, to 416 in. Truck frame weight is 3.48 lb.-in. per pair of rails. Section modulus is 17.80, RBM is 2,132,000 in-lbs per rail, Bumper: Aerodynamic Chrome Requires a bumper. Removable Front Tow Hooks: 2.Battery box: Narrow steel parallel under cab. with aluminum diamond plate cover with step. LH under cab. The battery box is 150 mm narrower than the standard battery box. Fuel Tank: 75 US gallon 24.5 Aluminum Polished.  DPF tank with Stainless Cover. D -Single electric, horn; Single-piece windshield; Electric windshield wipers, 2-speed plus, intermittent; Electric windshield washers; Steering wheel 18in. 4-spoke;Glovebox door with locking latch; Dash-mounted cruise control with switches;Turn signal switch with column-mounted dimmer; Standard dash, panels include gray w/ burlwood accents; Slate Gray interior primary, color; Dark Slate Gray seat color; Floormat; Inside sun visor, LH/RH; Door, courtesy lights; Under-dash center console with 1 cup holder, 1 ashtray &, 1 lighter. Small round DEF tank. 11 gallons, Cab heater: W/integral defrosters & A/C. Adjustable telescoping tilt steering column.  Air suspension pressure gauge. KW Driver Information Center: Switch & Wiring for Customer-Installed PTO. Full burl wood dash panels, Driver seat: Kenworth Air cushion Plus HB vinyl.with cover, dual armrests, Rider seat: 2 man bench vinyl. Seat color: All Jet Black.Kenworth Radio with AM/FM/WB/USB and Bluetooth. Under-dash center console: W/2 cup holders,ashtray, 1 lighter, 1 12V outlet & a storage compartment. Dome lamp over driver door. Self canceling turn signal: W/headlight dimmer switch .Remote Keyless Entry.Cab access contoured grab handles, LH/RH. Daylite Door: LH/RH includes RH peeper window.Dual rectangular air horn 23 in. LH & RH top of roof. Includes air horn covers. Look-Down, Pass. Door, Stainless 8.5x4.4 0, Mirror: Dual Kenworth aerodynamic heated motorized 7 in. x 13 in. mirror w/ chrome shell. LH/RH convex mirrors 5 in. x 7 in. heated. Electric-powered LH & RH door window lifts. Two corner & one rear cab stationary windows. Exterior stainless steel sunvisor. Halogen Projector Low Beam, Halogen Complex Reflector High Beam, Marker Lights: Five, rectangular, LED,  Gladhands mounted at the end-of frame. Seven-way female receptacle mounted at end-of-frame. Valve, trailer hand, control valve, and hoses/fittings for the valves. Dash mounted parking, brake valve, tractor protection valve, and spring brake inversion/relay, valves are standard. Trailer ABS electric supply through SAE J560,. Air Dryer with heater. 218" wheelbase. 33,000 GVWR. 

Chevron 21.5' Steel LCG (Low Center of Gravity) Carrier w/ Wheel Lift, 3/16 Deck Plate, 3x2 Corten Tube Crossmembers on 8 inch Centers, (4) Rear Chain Locks, (2) Front Chain Locks, (6) Floor Plate Chain Locks (3 per side), 8,000lb Worm Gear Winch, 3/8" x 50' Winch Cable, Illuminated Dual Controls, FMVSS 108 Lamp Group Shock Mounted Lighted, Direct Mount Pump, Cable Roller Guide w/ Tensioner, Winch Free Spool Extension, Back Up Alarm, (2) Safety Chains, Mechanical Anti-tilt, Black Body Paint, 102" Wide Body, Inboard Tilt Cylinders, Floor Level Roll Formed w/ Punched Stake Pockets, 4,000lb Wheel Lift w/ Releasable L Arms, Fully Hydraulic Wheel Lift, (2) Safety Straps & Ratchets, (2) Rear Safety Chains, Body Lock w/ Nylatron Toller Bearings, & 12,000lb Deck Load Rating. Serial # 215L12S03396HA18


3/16” Deck Plate (10-20, Steel)

Conventional Wheel-Lift (10-16)

Standard Approach Plate (Steel)

Standard Bed (Steel)

0- Lights on Pylon

102" Wide (12-40, Steel)

12,000 Lb. Planetary - Warn (10, 12 & 16)

21.5’ (10-16)

5-Light Configuration (10/12 Series)

9-Spool Capable (for SidePuller)

Air Free Spool, Driver & Passenger Side - Deck Winch(10-16)

Deck Centered - 11 Chain Lock Package (10-16, Steel)

Floor Level Roll Formed with Removable Aluminum Blade Rail (Steel)

Marker Lights - 2.5" Round

Steel Tube Drop-in L-Arms (4000 Lb., 10-20)




Hot Shift PTO (Allision or Aisin - 6 Bolt)




10 - 16 Car Carrier

Fire Extinguisher

Front Mudflaps or Quarter Fenders (CC)

Hot Shift PTO - LD, CC, HD

ITD Toolbox Brackets

In-Dash Switch Panel

Jump Start Kit

Light Bar (LD/CC)

Misc. Labor

Rotation Kit (CC)

SP8000 (discontinued, 6/1/16)

Toolbox (each, CC)

Work Lights (Pair)




ACC: Air Hose Reel

ACC: Air Inflate Kit: (F)68272; (W)68271; (G)61387

ACC: Boltcutters, 24"

ACC: Broom & Handle (F)OSB77003+81251; (W)00526CRNM; (G)AME63-15/16X60 + WEI40-25238

ACC: Cone, 18", Single: (F)CN-186R; (W)53858A; (G)100476

ACC: Driver Essentials Bag

ACC: Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb.: (F)466425; (W)B500T; (G)USA10-22

ACC: First Aid Kit: (F)ACE6060; (W)50503L; (G)20229

ACC: Flashlight with DC Charger, Streamlight LED PolyStinger

ACC: Fuel Can, Diesel, 5-Gallon, Yellow

ACC: Fuel Can, Gas, 5-Gallon, Red

ACC: Jack, 2.5-Ton, Aluminum/Steel, Torin

ACC: Lockout Kit, Basic

ACC: Lug Wrenchs, 14" Metric/20" Standard

ACC: Pry Bar, 60"/51" (F)AMES1160100; (W)50020; (G)PPB-51

ACC: Splitting Maul (F)AMES1113115200; (W)Maul Axe; (G)TJ-8H

ACC: Trash Can, 4-Gallon, Steel

ACC: Triangle Kit

B/M: Bungee Strap, Single

B/M: Circuit Breaker Bracket

B/M: Cone Mounting Bracket, Single, Behind Carrier Control Stations

B/M: Fuel Can Rack, 2-Can, Aluminum, behind Streamliner Toolbox

B/M: Jumpstart/Air Coupler Bracket, Peterbilt

B/M: Toolbox Brackets, LH/RH, with Air Fittings and E-Brake Cable Hole

BOD: Mudflap Weights, FSW, Stainless Steel, Pair

BOD: Mudflaps, 24" x 24", Pair LCG application

HYD: Ball Valve (Shut off for Hydraulic Tank) 1-1/4" or 1"

HYD: Wireless Controls - 3-Function for Carrier (FSW Group Proprietary System)

LB: Torrent, 14-Head, Amber with Alternating Rear Flashers, 60"

LIT: Breaker, 80-Amp, add 1 for each Jumpstart connection

LIT:  (2 QTY) Control Panel, 9-Button with TA Option, Brooking (F) FSW-995 KIT x

LIT: Electrical Package, non-International - Main Harnesses + ATC Fuse Blocks & Bracket

LIT: Jumpstart, Brooking Flush-Mount Kit, Front, with 25' Cables

LIT: Jumpstart, Brooking Flush-Mount Kit, Rear, with 25' Cables

LIT: Marker Lights Flash Option Body

LIT: Park/Turn, Sequential, Amber, Oval, 6", Midship, Pair, with Grommets and Pigtails (no Dodge)

LIT: Strip Light, 45", White, LED, Mounted on Cab Protector

LIT: Strip Lights, 36", Amber/White, LED, Pair, Undercab

LIT: Strip Lights, 36", White, LED, in Carrier Toolboxes, Pair

LIT: Strobes, Amber Grille Lights, ST-6 Super-Thin, Pair, Chrome Bezels, Backing Plates, Wire Harness

LIT: Strobes, Amber, M53, Clear-Lens, LED, Pair, Mounted in Recessed Midship Turn Signal Boxes, Wire Harness

LIT: Strobes, Amber, M53, Clear-Lens, LED, Pair, for Tailboard Sides, Wire Harness

LIT: Tow Light Bag with LED Tow Lights and Magnet Boots

LIT: Worklights, 4" Round, LED HD, Pair, Mounted at Winch, 1200 Lumens

LIT: Worklights, Rectangular, LED HD, Pair, for Lower Worklight (Required on LCG)

LIT: Worklights, Round, 6", High-Intensity, 4800 Lumens, Pair

SH: Air Coupler, Passenger-Side Control Station SH: Air Coupler, Front (F) 27808; (W) Auto Coupler; (G) 68237

SH: Shop Supplies

SP: Dress-Up Kit, Stainless Steel, SP9000

SP: Pylon, Lightbar, 54", SP9000

SP: SidePuller 9000 with Integrated Wireless Controls

TB: Toolbox, StreamLiner II w/Quarter Fender Extension, 72", Driver-Side, Brackets, Power Lock, Recessed Top Storage

TB: Toolbox, StreamLiner II w/Quarter Fender Extension, 72", Passenger-Side, Brackets, Power Locks, Recessed Top Storage

TB: Tray, 18" Z-Bracket, FSW, Aluminum, SS Logo Plates

TOW: Bridle, Chain, Cluster Hook Assemblies

TOW: Bridle, Polyester, 8" J-Hooks/T-Hooks

TOW: Chain, Recovery, 10', 5/16", Grade 80, Cradle Grab Hooks, Tagged & Certified, Single

TOW: Chains, 10', 15" J-Hooks, Grade 70, Pair

TOW: Flare Case (Case Only)

TOW: Flares, 6 (F)0730(x6); (W)7703605(x6); (G)100783(x6)

TOW: Hooks, Self-Locking, 5/16", Grade 80, for Safety Chain, Pair

TOW: Load Binder, Lever, for 5/16"-3/8" Chain

TOW: Lumber, 4" x 4"s, 48" & 60"

TOW: Snatch Block, 4-Ton

TOW: Strap Kit with Bag, Motorcycle, Carrier, Canyon Dancer

TOW: Strap, Axle, 26", Single

TOW: Strap, Steering Wheel

TOW: Tiedown, Cluster, with Chain Ratchet

TOW: Trailer Ball Kit, Convert-A-Ball

TOW: Winch Cable, 3/8", 100', Fiber Core, Self-Locking Hook

TOW: Winch Cable, 3/8", 50', Fiber Core, Self-Locking Hook

WH: Hub Covers, Front, Stainless Steel, Pair

WH: Hub Covers, Rear, 10-Lug with 8.25" Axle, Pair

WH: Lug Nut Cover, 33 mm Front, SS, 2-9/16"

WH: Lug Nut Cover, 33 mm Rear, SS, 2-1/16"



WLE 6B076-00 work lights mounted on side puller for side lighting on dedicated Switch

Air reel passenger- Installed in Air reel box between box and SP unit. 

Add: led linear work light to pylon--listed under dealer accessories

Added 2 BR995s Switch panels


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