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New Heavy Duty 2018 Peterbilt 567 Century 1150

New Heavy Duty
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Hiram Burke
567 Century 1150
550 Cummins
18 Speed Eaton Auto shift
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Century 1150 














180" Tri Axle Body (40-75 ton)

3-Stage Low Front Outriggers (40-75 ton)

4 Stage Rear - SDU4

48” Saddle Box

50,000 Lb. Drag Winch

H-Beam Large Pad (Front Only)

MMO Power Distribution System 7035, 9055, 40-75 ton Rotators

Raptor Package

Rotator SDU-4 Low Rider (144" Reach)

Rotator D-Ring Package

Rotator Pylon (1150-1075)




LED - Flasher Control Power Unit

10,000 Lb. Underlift Straps

12 Ton Snatch Block

180" Rotator Tri Axle Glow LED Marker Lights

36”/48” Attachment Storage Kit

48” Fork Holder Storage Kit

48” Saddle Box - Glow LED Marker Lights

48” Saddle Box Shelf Kit (Shelf w/2 Dividers)

48” Saddle Box Stainless Trim Kit

8/12T Double Snatch Block Storage Kit

A/C Inverter Kit (HD)

Air Line Kit and Storage

Chain Hook Adapter (Pair)

Double Action PTO Manual Override (Rotator)

Dual Reverse Camera with Monitor

Electric/Air Shift PTO (8 Bolt, Rotator, HD)

Endless Round Sling Kit

Fifth Wheel Plate (Requires Pintle 124002211)

H - Beam End Dress Up Kit (Pair)

HD Chain Kit - Comprehensive

LED - Flashing Warning Door Light Kit

LED - Flex Lamp Rear Marker Lights (pair)

LED - Under Body Strip Light Kit(12V)

LED - Work Lights - Lower 70MM (Pair)

LED - Work Lights - Swivel 90MM (Pair)

LED - Work Lights - Underlift (Pair)

LED - Work Lights - Upper 90MM (Pair)

LED Side Light/Strobe Kit (Pair)

Lift Axle Hub Kit

Lumitec Articulating Boom Lamp Kit

MCI Bus Lift Eye Attachments (Pair)

Pintle Hook Attachment

Rotating Chain Rack Kit

Rotator Choker and Storage Kit

Rotator SDU-4 Stainless Tailboard Dress Up Package

Seamless Toolbox Matting - Black (HD)

Shackle Hanger Kit - Bolt On (Rotator)

Shackle Kit - Alloy Screw Pin

Spreader Bar Kit - 20T

Spreader Bar Mounting Brackets (pair)

Spreader Bar Short Tube - 20T

Spreader Bar Storage Kit For End Caps

Stainless Cylinder Wrap Kit (1150/1075)

Stainless Steel Fenderettes (each)

Stainless Trim Kit (Rotator)

Tandem Axle High Hat w/Nut

Tool Cabinet - 7 Drawer With Removable Storage Tray

Tow Bar Light - 36" - Wireless

Trailer Ball Attachment (requires 124002211)

Trailer Converter Ball Kit

U Bolt Lift Attachments (Pair)

Volvo Fork

Water Tank Kit

Whelen 10”x10” Lights w/o Brackets

Whelen Freedom IV LED Light Bar

Whelen M6 Light Kit (Pair)

Winch Bucket Dress Up Kit (50 ton)




1150 / 950

Axle Cover & Lugs (Single or Tandem)

Boom Light (Motorized) Install

Carousel / 48" Chain Rack

Dual Camera System

Dual Snatch Block Storage Kit (Each)

Electric / Air Shift PTO - HD, CC

Factory PDI for Heavy Duty


Inverter Kit Install

LED / M6 Lights (Pair Body Mounted)

LED Flasher Control Box

LED Strip Light Kit

Lift Axle Cover

Load Sensing

M6 Lights (Pair Cab Mounted)

Mini Strobe Light Kit

PTO Manual Override - HD

Saddle Box (Each) HD

Shelf Kits (HD)

Spreader Bar Mounting Brackets (each,HD)

Stainless Door Guard (Pair)

Stainless Fenderettes (Each)

Tailboard Dress Up Kit

Tool Cabinet Install

Toolbox Mat

Trade Show Package (HD)

Water Tank Kit

Winch Bucket Dress Up Kit

Work Lights (Pair)




1 - Color Single Steer Body (Rotator)

2 - Color Center Section (50 / 60 / 75 ton)

Paint Top Rail Second Color

Splatter Paint Rotator Single Steer


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