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New Medium Duty 2018 Freightliner M-2 EC Century 3212

New Medium Duty
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M-2 EC Century 3212
300 HP
Allison Automatic
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2018 FRTR M-2 132" BBC High roof. 6.7L 300HP Cummins 660lbs Torque. Exhaust brake. Allison Automatic  RDS-2500 6 speed Transmission. Block heater. 10,000lb Front Axle. 12,000lb front suspension. 21,000lb rear Axle with 5.29 Rear axle Ratio. SYNTHETIC REAR AXLE rear Axle fluid. Transynd Synthetic Fluid. 23,000lb Airliner Rear suspension with Dump. Air Brake package to include Air Dryer with heater. Three piece chrome bumper. 50-gallon Aluminum fuel tank (polished) LH  50 gallon Fuel tank (polished) RH Fuel tank 50 gallons polished.  275/80R 22.5 tires,  Aluminum wheels. Air Cab mounts. LH & RH Grab Handles. Dual 26" Hadley air horns. West Coast Bright Heated Mirrors. LH & RH Remote. 8" Convex Mirrors. Exterior Sunvisor. Power windows, power locks. Cruise Control, Idle up.Premium high back upgraded  Air Suspension driver's seat. Highback.. Single seat passenger seat. Tilt and Telescoping Steering wheel. Extreme Climate thermal cab insulation. Full-width rear bench seat. AM/FM WB CD/MP3 Premium Radio. Self-canceling turn signal. Al 33,000 GVWR.   5 year 300K PPI Engine and after treatment warranty.


 Century 3212 High Body option. 84" CA BOOM SPECIFICATIONS; Retracted32,000 lbs.;Extended12,000 lbs. Maximum Angle36° Maximum Hook Height160\" Maximum Reach past Tailboard at 30°54\" UNDERLIFT SPECIFICATIONS; Fully Retracted (with Forks)12,000 lbs.  Fully Extended (with Forks)8,500 lbs. Extended or Retracted with L-Arms6,000 lbs. Underlift Reach to Center of Fork Holder. At Normal Tow Position84\" Positive Tilt20° Negative Tilt10° Tow Rating32,000 lbs. WINCH RATING & CABLE Rating (first layer of drum) each Winch15,000 lbs. Diameter and Length (each winch)1/2" x 150' Type6 x 37 IWRC STANDARD FEATURES 84" Aluminum Modular Body. with 3 Compartments Per SideLanyard Controls for Underlift & Boom. on the Passenger Side  Manual Control Station on the Drivers SideChrome Double Action Latches. Dual Hydraulic Pump3 Sets of Lift Forks. Hydraulic Rear Jacks with Flipper FeetRubber Fenderetts. 6,000 lb. L-Arms with Pivoting ReceiversSafety Chains, Door ClosuresTailboard "D" Rings, LED Tool, Compartment LightingFederal Standard 108 Lighting, Cable TiebacksLED Taillights, Mud Flaps,

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Manual Driver & Passenger Side Controls, Passenger Side Lanyard Remote, Hydraulic Rear Jacks w Flipper, Feet, Hydraulic pump, Tailboard D-Rings, Safety Chains in the Tailboard. Power Elevation, Power Extension, 360 Sheave Head, Cable Tie Backs, Dual Planetary Winches, Cable Tensioners, Winch Air Free Spool, Power Tilt, Hydraulic Fold, 2-Stage Design, Low, Profile Fabricated Cross Bar, Four Sets of Cast Forks (Short Axle Fork, 3” Short, 3” Medium, 3” Tall), Chain Adapter Weldments, 6,500 Lb. and 5,000 Lb. Strapless Wheel retainers. Adjustable Shelves, Lift Fork Storage, Chain Storage, Mud Flaps, Aluminum Modular Body w/Rubber Mounting Isolators, PPass-through tunnel, Box, LED Body Lighting, LED Tool Compartment Lighting, Gas Door, Shocks, Chrome Double Action Latches w/Remote Lock/Unlock,Adjustable Shelves, Lift Fork Storage, Chain Storage, Mud Flaps Serial # 3014-0596-J16



10,000 Lb. Underlift Straps

136” CA V-30 Stainless Trim Kit

8/12T Double Snatch Block Storage Kit

Hot Shift PTO (MD, HD)

In-Cab Controls

Tow Bar Light - 36" - Wireless







V30 Full Body 120ca or 138ca


PTO-Hot Shift-L, CS6B-A6705-S1KP - Muncie Hot Shift PTO.

124004117 - 42" Aluminum Tubular Pylon
2169TRP-A - 69" Code 3 2100 Series 18 Head LED Lightbar.

 Qty. 2, LED Slimline Light
BP-1492135 - Qty. 2, Flood Lights For Hook Up Lights.

 Qty. 2, 5 1/2" Round LED Work Lights
6- 6 In Dash Switch Panel. - Legends For Switch Panel
Safety Tow Light Kit w/Box & CR6 Plug In. TM-36S2 - 36" Towmate Wireless Tow Lightbar
TM-LED Storage - Storage Bracket & Charging Station For TM-LED Wireless Tow Lightbar.

22.5 Top Hat & Lug Nut Kit
V30CP - Dress Up Kits For Boom End & Chain Protector Trims
 Air & Electrical Hook Up To The Rear
 11-38G810 - Grade 80, 3/8" x 10' Chain. 11-LLB-1 - Load Binder
11-12G810 - Qty. 2, Grade 80, 1/2" x 10' Chains
6I-8T8 - Qty. 2, 8 Ton Snatch Blocks


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