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New Medium Duty 2016 International 4300 Century 3212

New Medium Duty
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Gale King
4300 Century 3212
Allison Automatic
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2016 International 4300 300HP 6.7 Cummins 660lbs Torque.  Allison RDS-2500. Exhaust Brake. Air Brake Package. 12,000lb Front axle. 21,000lb Rear Axle, 4.63 Ratio. 20,000lb Air Ride Suspension with Dump. 50 gallon Aluminum Fuel tank. National Highback Driver Air ride Seat. two Man Passenger seat. Tilt wheel. Electric Horn, Air Horn, Chrome Grille, Chrome bumper. 138" CA. Air Ride cab. PTO Provision. Factory upfitter switch panel. AM/FM CD player 4 speakers. Idle up, Cruise Control. Power heated, LED Lighted Mirrors. Engine block heater. Air Dryer with heater. Tractor package- Hand control, 7 way to Rear . 22.5 Aluminum wheels. 275/70R 22.5 Tires. 25,999 GVWR (Special Derated chassis)  

 Century 138" G-2 Body option.  BOOM SPECIFICATIONS; Retracted 32,000 lbs.;Extended12,000 lbs. Maximum Angle36° Maximum Hook Height 160" Maximum Reach past Tailboard at 30°54" UNDERLIFT SPECIFICATIONS; Fully Retracted (with Forks)12,000 lbs.  Fully Extended (with Forks)8,500 lbs. Extended or Retracted with L-Arms6,000 lbs. Underlift Reach to Center of Fork Holder. At Normal Tow Position84\" Positive Tilt20° Negative Tilt10° Tow Rating32,000 lbs. WINCH RATING & CABLE Rating (first layer of drum) each Winch15,000 lbs. Diameter and Length (each winch)1/2\" x 150\' Type6 x 37 IWRC STANDARD FEATURES 84" Aluminum Modular Body. with 3 Compartments Per SideLanyard Controls for Underlift & Boom. on the Passenger Side  Manual Control Station on the Drivers SideChrome Double Action Latches. Dual Hydraulic Pump3 Sets of Lift Forks. Hydraulic Rear Jacks with Flipper FeetRubber Fenderetts. 6,000 lb. L-Arms with Pivoting ReceiversSafety Chains, Door ClosuresTailboard "D" Rings, LED Tool, Compartment LightingFederal Standard 108 Lighting, Cable Tie backs LED Taillights, Mud Flaps, Serial #  3212-0735-B16 

138” CA CX2/VX Body

Keypad and Wireless Remote (V30/3212)




10,000 Lb. Underlift Straps

138” CA - Glow LED Marker Lights (CX/VX)

3212/V30/1016 Stainless Tailboard Dress Up Package

47" Aluminum Tube Pylon

8/12T Double Snatch Block Storage Kit

Air & Electric Kit

Fork Riser 3212/V30

Hot Shift PTO (MD, HD)

LED - Flex Lamp Rear Marker Lights (pair)

LED - Work Lights - Lower 70MM (Pair)

LED - Work Lights - Swivel 90MM (Pair)

LED - Work Lights - Underlift (Pair)

LED - Work Lights - Upper 90MM (Pair)

LED Side Light/Strobe Kit (Pair)

MCI Bus Lift Eye Attachments (Pair)

Medium Duty Chain Kit

Pintle Hook / 5th Wheel (3212/V-30/2465/V-24)

Rigging Storage Bar

Spacer Kit-Cast Fork

Spring Lift Adapter (Pair)

Stainless Trim Kit 138" CA CX/VX

U Bolt Lift Attachments (Pair)




ACC: Air Hose, 50': (F)7092RMA-600; (W)69711; (G)RR30806

ACC: Boltcutters, 24"

ACC: Broom & Handle (F)OSB77003+81251; (W)00526CRNM; (G)AME63-15/16X60 + WEI40-25238

ACC: Cone, 18", Single: (F)CN-186R; (W)53858A; (G)100476

ACC: Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb.: (F)466425; (W)B500T; (G)USA10-22

ACC: First Aid Kit: (F)ACE6060; (W)50503L; (G)20229

ACC: Flashlight with DC Charger, Streamlight LED PolyStinger

ACC: Fuel Can, Diesel, 5-Gallon, Yellow

ACC: Fuel Can, Gas, 5-Gallon, Red

ACC: Jack, 2-Ton Aluminum Racing, AFF

ACC: Lockout Kit, One-Hand Jack Kit

ACC: Lug Wrenchs, 14" Metric/20" Standard

ACC: Pry Bar, 60"/51" (F)AMES1160100; (W)50020; (G)PPB-51

ACC: Splitting Maul (F)AMES1113115200; (W)Maul Axe; (G)TJ-8H

ACC: Trash Can, 4-Gallon, Steel

ACC: Triangle Kit

B/M: Circuit Breaker Bracket

B/M: Dollie Axle Mount, Sliding, for Tunnel Box

B/M: Fuel Can Bracket, 5-Gallon, Deck-Mount, Aluminum, Single

B/M: Fuel Can/Trash Can Brackets, Deck Mount, GWTE

B/M: Jumpstart/Air Coupler Bracket, Universal

BOD: Mudflap Weights, GWTE, Stainless Steel, Pair

FSP: Bumper Buddies with Reinforcement Kit, 22" Version

HD: Aluminum Angle

LB: Star Laser, 12-Head, Amber, 58"

LIT: Breaker, 100-Amp

LIT: Bullet Light, 3/4", Amber for Wrecker Body

LIT: Cord, Extension, 7-Way, 40'

LIT: ICC Lights, Three, 3/4", Red, Round for DOT Light on Pylon

LIT: Jumper Cables Only, 25', 500-Amp, Associated - add Mount Option

LIT: Jumpstart Flush Mount (no Cables), 500-Amp, Associated


LIT: Strip Light, 18", Cool White, LED, for Night Rider package

LIT: Strip Lights, 36", White, LED, in Toolboxes, Pair

LIT: Strobes, Amber Grille Lights, Maxxima, 4 LED, Pair, Maxxima, Chrome Bezels, Wiring Harness

LIT: Strobes, Amber, HAL09, Clear-Lens, LED, Pair, Mounted at Rear of Wrecker, Wire Harnesses

LIT: Tow Light Bag with LED Tow Lights and Magnet Boots

LIT: Wide Load Light Bar, Wired, 36"

SH: Air Coupler, Front (F) 27808; (W) Auto Coupler; (G) 68237

SH: Shop Supplies

TB: Bunks, Dollie, 4:80, SS Door, Pair

TB: PolyFloor, Installation

TB: PolyFloor, Red, 50 Squares

TOW: Chain Kit, Axle, 3/8" x 6' with Sling Connectors, QuickBinder Plus Ratcheting Load Binder

TOW: Chain, Recovery, 10', 5/16", Grade 80, Twist-Lock Grab Hooks, Tagged and Certified, Single

TOW: Chain, Recovery, 20', 5/16", Grade 80, Cradle Grab Hooks, Tagged & Certified, Single

TOW: Chain, Recovery, 5', 5/16", Grade 80, Twist-Lock Grab Hooks, Tagged and Certified, Single

TOW: Chains, 10', 15" J-Hooks, Grade 70, Pair

TOW: Dollies, Collins, 4:80 Tires, Aluminum Wheels, Aluminum Crossrails, Complete Set

TOW: Flare Case (Case Only)

TOW: Flares, 6 (F)0730(x6); (W)7703605(x6); (G)100783(x6)

TOW: Hooks, Self-Locking, 5/16", Grade 80, for Safety Chain, Pair

TOW: Load Binder, Lever, for 5/16"-3/8" Chain

TOW: Lumber, 4" x 4"s, 48" & 60"

TOW: Snatch Block, 8-Ton

TOW: Strap, Steering Wheel

TOW: Tiedowns, Dollie, Ratchets and Straps, Pair

TOW: Trailer Ball Kit, Convert-A Ball

TOW: Wheel Chocks, Rubber, Pair

TOW: Winch Cable, 7/16", 150', Fiber Core, Self-Locking Hook






20,000 LB. Air Bottle Jack

50 foot air lines

40 foot 4 way extension

Wheel Chalks (pair)

Safety Chains grade 80 with safety latches

2) Lever Type Chain Binders.

2) 4x6x48 inch wood

ACK 2 Axle Cap Kit

WP 1 Wheel Drain Pan

Aluminum Step Underbody.


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