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SP8000 Side Puller from Miller Industries

The Side Puller SP8000 from Miller Industries Towing Equipment is a must for any competitive towing business. The Miller SP8000 Side Puller Towing Equipment allows you to work efficiently, in all situations, from towing to recovery. When you choose the Heavy Duty SP8000 Side Puller from the Industry leader In Custom Side Puller Tow Truck Systems, you will receive the industry's finest towing equipment, Service, and support. Whether you are a small company trying to find ways to do more with less, or a big company that needs to utilize your equipment as much as possible, having a Heavy Duty Wrecker Side Puller just makes good business sense. The SP8000 Side Puller is the right tool for the right time. If you have ever been dispatched to a vehicle and found out that it was down an embankment or ditch and you required a wrecker, the the Side Puller is the right choice for you. With the increasing costs of running a business having the Side Puller can reduce your expenses. You no longer have to decide on whether to send a wrecker or a carrier. With the Side Puller you have no more surprises. Your carrier can do both jobs, thus saving money and time. Contact Brad Brandt to make Miller Industry's recovery equipment the next tool your towing and recovery business. Watch your company's overhead decrease and your business profits increase, and with a Side Puller on your carrier costly insurance payments will be reduced because your doing the job with one truck instead of two.

Miller Industries Side Puller Towing Equipment
The powerful tow truck accessory consists of a unit with a winch rigidly mounted in a framework that is bolted securely to the recovery vehicle chassis in front of the heavy duty car carrier deck,and features a removable sheave head that allows the operator to winch off either side of the truck using a hydraulic or manual stiff leg.

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