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Used Medium Duty 1999 International 4700 Chevron LMD 512

Used Medium Duty
Stock #:
4700 Chevron LMD 512
DT-466 190HP
6 plus 1
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1999 International 4700 DT-466 Inline 6 Cylinder Turbo. 6 plus 1 Transmission. 50 gallon Fuel tank. Tilt & Telescoping Steering wheel. Idle up Cruise control. Power windows. A/C. AM/FM CD player.  Engine Block heater. 17,500 Rear Axle. 20K Rear Spring Suspension. West coast Stainless mirrors. Air Ride Driver seat, Two Man Passenger seat. 8,000lb Front axle. Chrome bumper. 19.5 245/70R Tires.  12/32 12/32 08/32 All. 25,500 GVWR.  Visor. 

Recent rebuilt Transmisson in last 12 months.


Chevron LMD 512 WRECKER SPECIFICATIONS The body is constructed with 8 inch fabricated sill channels that mount to the truck frame at the front, middle over the axle, and the rear at the frame burn-off. The oil tank is an integral part of the subframe and located at the front of the body to provide a counterbalance for towing. A side entry tool compartment is located on each side of the body equipped with a full perimeter rubber bulb seal. The tool box doors employ internal hinges and stainless steel rotary double catch paddle latches. The body is equipped with manual rear controls and it is available with additional optional electric remote controls. The rear bumper is equipped with two pivoting 6-1/2 ton clevises near the frame mounting bolts for low line pulls.Recovery Boom employes a high profile 12-ton telescopic boom with twin 12,000 lb. Warn planetary winches wound with 7/16 x 150 ft. cables. Spring actuated flat plate tensioners help to even spool the cables on the winch drums. A 5 inch bore lift cylinder elevates the boom to 35 degrees. The boom is constructed with an 8 x 8 structural outer tube and a 7 x 7 structural inner tube. The boom head is equipped with a lug for use with a snatch block. The underlift uses an L-boom design that vertically slides in a tiltable column. There are two 3-1/2 inch bore lift cylinders to raise and lower the underlift. The 6 inch bore tilt cylinder with 2 inch chrome rod tilts the underlift through range of 15 degrees (8 degrees positive and 7 degrees negative). The underlift is rated at 6,500 lb. at full extension of 67 inches. 8,500lb retracted on frame forks.The crossbar provides separate independent grease points for the crossbar pivot pin and the crossbar pivot surface to insure proper lubrication. The wheel grids are equipped with spring actuated cam-lock pins that engage a series of adjustable holes in the crossbar for positive track width lock down. The wheel grid easily accepts the L-arms with an open top receiver that allows for closely positioned pinable adjustments for multiple tire sizes. Straps and ratchets are used to secure the towed,vehicle�s wheels. A variety of attachments are included as standard equipment with the 512 underlift such as 2 sets of forks, short and tall fork holders, and spring shackle adaptors. Other available attachments include a tow ball plate and pintle hitch adaptor with tow ball and crossbar extensions.Direct mount pump. The control valve flow rate for the recovery boom is 20 GPM with a pressure relief setting of 1700 PSI. The control valve flow rate for the under lift is 12 GPM with a pressure relief setting of 1700 PSI. This low system relief pressure puts less stress on the pump, valves, cylinders, and hoses which increase the service life of these components and reduces the chance of leaks. The control valves are a sectional design that allows for manual control attachment as well as electric remote control capability without additional hydraulic plumbing. Any and all under lift functions can be operated with electric remote controls. The recovery boom can have up to two functions operated electrically. The oil reservoir is 12 gallons with a canister type 10 micron spin-on filter. Load holding counterbalance valves are used on the boom lift, under lift lift, and under lift tilt. Body#: 5129358

48" Step up Tunnel thru box

Angled Steel pylon


Pop up Dollies 

Brackets inside tunnel box 

Brackets for Equipment on deck

Storage Tube inside tunnel box

Spring forks.

Air tank

Interior tunnel box lights 

Lower work lights 

Upper work lights 

Whelen Towman's Edge light bar

C West Mudflaps

3" Fender flares. 

Trailer hitch 

5th wheel hitch


In-Dash switch panel. 

7 way at Rear. 

Extension cord

tow lights 

PM Dolly Mounts- Deck

6" Chrome upper work lights

Traffic advisor 

Aluminum Trim Pylon







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