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Mary Brunick - Vice President of Finance and Administration

Mary Brunick
Vice President of Finance and Administration

Mary Brunick, Vice President of Finance and Administration, holds a degree in Business  Information Systems, and as, an accountant with her own clientele, has been an Oregon State Board licensed tax preparer. However,  the ever increasing demands of her responsibilities with all of our companies  necessitated her setting that enterprise aside some time ago.

Mary has been with our company since its inception, and during the years, Mary has assumed and shouldered a myriad of responsibilities in addition to the accounting realm.  She focuses on financial planning and budgeting, provides support and direction to the administrative assistants in their accounting and supporting roles to the GMs, coordinating and collaborating with Robert Carey on budgeting, setting revenue goals to meet budgets, and other related functions.  Mary handles the Companies’ insurance, telephone and internet relationships and arrangements, and is involved in many of the aspects of the marketing functions.

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